Your Place - Zoom

A live improvised game between an actor and an invited guest. Beginning in the form of an intimate interview, they will attempt to get to the heart of the question: what would you save from the fire?

Join us in a virtual space for a visceral gathering. This is an interactive theatre piece that reaches you wherever your wifi is. A different guest collaborator for each show helps to create this experiment in live theatre, for the next normal.

Let's gather together. Let's squeeze in beside one another. We’ll warm our hands on the flames, play games of chance, tell stories of the old world and see our future in the embers. We’ll remember this night.

Part of DUETS, an artist support initiative made with the combined expertise of Irish Theatre Institute, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Dublin Fringe Festival.

DUETS champions professional artists working in pairs to tell one-of-a-kind stories using the unique combination of their skills.
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