Destiny: Congregation

Hen's Teeth - Diner

Part of series of events for Queer Black celestial kinfolk. A four-part decolonial re-imagining that honours a rich ancestry of Black and Queer Afrofuturist visionaries, Origins Eile (OE) invites you to join us as we explore Queerness, Blackness and the cosmos. This programme brings our community on a journey from events that probe the unknown, conceptual, and existential ‘outer space’ to events that hone in on the more familiar, personal, and intimate ‘inner space.’ Fellow QTIBPOC time-travellers and shapeshifters, lets come together to traverse the virtual and physical realms and transcend the bounds of white cis hetero capitalist patriarchy to generate new visions of Black Queer transformation and liberation.

Inner Space: Congregation

We never wanted a seat at their table, and so we continue to build our own. Come join us around OE’s table for some Black queer soul-body nourishment. This event is rooted in a politics of abundance; it’s all about communal love, building care economies, mutual support and nourishment. Join us to talk all things Queer, Black and foodie.

Care | Congregation | Connectedness

Please note: Origins Eile events always centre Queer Black audiences and are by and for them.
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